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At Hijama Specialist we have many people walk through our doors with a range of health issues. From joint pain to diabetes to fertility problems. Modern life has its advantages but it also places a burden on our health.

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At Hijama Specialist we work with you to ensure that we get you healthy and feeling revitalised. From boosting the immune system to improving blood circulation cupping can be used to treat numerous health issues that we face everyday.

Back pain and Joint pain

Back pain can be anything from a pulled muscle to sciatica. Over time our bodies go through a lot and the back is always one of the worst hit areas. Cupping relives back pain by removing toxins and congealed blood and also aids in reducing inflammation which can cause most back pain related issues. Many of our patients after visiting us often find that the need to take strong pain killers is reduced and in some cases not needed at all.

Joint pain such as arthritis and gout are very common. Cupping helps reduce inflammation and also reduces uric acid levels for those who suffer from gout.

Headaches and Migraines

There are many people that suffer from chronic headaches and migraines and this can be very debilitating. It stops you from getting on with your day and even carry out simple tasks. One of the best and most natural cures for this conditions is to regulate your sleep patterns.  Cupping can help by not only regulating your sleep patterns which in turn can help reduce migraines and headaches and their side effects but also help regulate any hormonal imbalances that can also be cause for headaches and migraines.

Blood Circulation

There are many blood circulatory issues and they are made worse by diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. Having a healthy circulatory system is critical to overall good health. Cupping helps remove congealed blood and toxins whilst helping promote the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood which in turn helps rejuvenate to a degree the vital organs.

Weight Loss

With a fast food diet and little to no exercise weight gain and weight related health issues are on the rise in the UK. At Hijama Specialist our cupping techniques can help with weight related issues by cleansing the body of toxins that are prevalent in our everyday foods and also help stimulate a healthy metabolism and appetite. Combined with healthy eating and regular exercise cupping can become part of your health regimen.

Skin Conditions

Skin conditions such as Acne and Psoriasis can often be very embarrassing for those that suffer from it and also can affect day to day life. Cupping helps by stimulating lymph fluids that help improve the skin and also the subcutaneous glands that focus on the skin expelling responses such as sweating. Along with removing any harmful toxic substances cupping also promotes healthy blood blow that can aid in reducing skin condition symptoms.


Sports injuries and sports training

In recent times (2016 Olympics) athletes such as Michael Phelps were seen with cupping marks across their body’s. It has been proven that cupping helps reduce toxicity that builds up during training which leads to cramps and also aids in helping the body recover quicker from intense physical training. During training you are more prone to injuries and cupping has been proven to help inflammation and aid in the bodies healing.


Fertility issues are becoming more common in both men and women. It is a sensitive subject and often has an emotional significance for those involved. There are numerous treatments available that can help with this sensitive issue however it has been proven that cupping can help regulate hormonal imbalances and also help with regulating the menstrual cycle and help increase energy levels in both men and women.

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